Bobux Xplorer City – Shoe Review

These shoes have been our saviour.  Sounds silly doesn’t it when Rory can’t even walk independently yet! At the moment, Rory spends lots of his time barefoot still, as I don’t want to hinder his walking and want him to have as much chance to get to grips with his balance as possible. However, when … More Bobux Xplorer City – Shoe Review

He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

So it’s only our first day away and already there is a very distinct difference between holidaying with a young baby and with a baby who is on the move. Now I know Rory isn’t walking yet but he is crawling at speed, in to everything and cruising his way to anything he wants. He … More He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

Mummy milestones

As Rory reaches one, I was thinking about some of the milestones he has reached over the year, such as sitting up, crawling, rolling and waving. I then started thinking about some of the milestones I had reached during this first year, some of which I knew were in the pipeline, others which were much … More Mummy milestones

Me Time

The title of this article is actually a little misleading as technically this weekend wasn’t me time, it was my friend’s time as I was on her hen do. However this is definitely the closest I have come to having me time in the last 11 months! Although I have left Rory with my mum … More Me Time

Oh June…

So I haven’t posted for over a month. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about, more that I had too much to say! It was by far the toughest month of motherhood so far; much harder than the ups and downs of a newborn baby and more draining than the worst of … More Oh June…