Our Journey to Pregnancy

This was a post I originally posted when I started a blog last year, in fact it was my first post over there. I thought about not posting this one here and starting afresh but I decided this was a pretty important puzzle piece which people might be interested in. I was going to rewrite the beginning to fit the fact we are now 5 months down the line but decided just to repost it exactly as it was!

As I sit here with an 11 week old lying, snoozing, in my arms – I still find it hard to believe that we are really here! Lots of people know some of the details of our pregnancy journey but not many people know the whole story so here goes…

Our journey started a few years back when I started feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I know that sounds lame but it’s true – after years of no periods on cerazette, suddenly I started getting random bleeds, on top of this I was suffering from hair growth on my chin and horrifically bad skin and spots along my jawline. Not only was I starting to feel like a teenager, I felt like a manly teenager.

After lots of Google research I decided I was suffering from Polycystic Ovaries. So, armed with notes from my research and information on all my recent cycles I took myself off to the doctors. Luckily, I have a fantastic doctor who listened to all my concerns and referred me to the hospital for a scan and bloodwork. Not surprisingly the results came back confirming multiple cysts on my ovaries, cue long discussions with the doctor about the impact this could have on fertility and on what I could do to improve my situation. As someone who had always wanted nothing more than to have children, the thought that this could be tricky was a massive blow!

At this point, after much soul searching with my partner who had always hoped to go down the traditional marriage then children route, we decided I would stop taking the pill so that we could really see how my body had been affected. On the doctors advice I also decided to start trying to lose some weight, something I had been trying and failing to do on and off for a long time. Now I had a reason and some real motivation to really go for it!

Fast forward a little bit and, after being off the pill and working hard on the weight loss, hormone blood tests confirmed that I wasn’t ovulating. At this point doctors confirmed that although I would continue having appointments with them and I should continue to track my cycles, I could not be referred for fertility help until my BMI was under 30. This just made me more determined to get my weight down.

After 6 months of trying to lose weight, my next appointment called and at the official weigh in my BMI was down from over 40 to 31. Good, but not quite good enough. Unfortunately, the doctor said that if I had lost this much weight and had seen no improvement in my cycles, we were unlikely to conceive naturally and would need to seek help from the fertility team when my BMI reached 30. This was in the November and my next appointment was set for the February, giving me 3 and a bit months to lose that last pesky BMI point. I decided that I needed a break from thinking about BMI and ovulation. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and so I wanted to make the most of all our Christmas plans with friends and family, enjoy lots of yummy Christmas dinners and of course Christmas chocolate, before starting back on the diet in the new year to reach that final target. After all the intense pressure of the previous months – it was a relief to give myself a bit of a break.

On the 22nd December, whilst out doing some last minute Christmas shopping with my little sister, I had all the tell tale signs that my period was on its way, which for me usually means it will arrive within the next 12 hours. So I was rather surprised to wake up the next morning and still nothing. Despite not thinking it was the slightest bit possible, I decided to try a cheap pregnancy test to put my mind at rest and prepared myself for yet another negative. Imagine my shock and surprise when I looked three minutes later and there was a positive line – and not just a faint one. I ran to my bedside cabinet and grabbed the clear blue test I had saved up for when I got a positive on a cheapy test. I couldn’t believe it when that also said quite clearly pregnant! I fell to my knees and cried my eyes out. After taking another 3/4 tests throughout the day I finally accepted that I was indeed pregnant.

I’d like to say that I thought of some amazing creative way to tell my partner that we were expecting, but sadly that’s not the case. With a party at a friend’s house planned for that evening, when my partner arrived home he was suggesting that either he could drive or we could get a taxi. Obviously I said I wouldn’t drink, but even when I changed it to I couldn’t drink he still didn’t realise what I was getting at and said it wasn’t fair for me to have to drive. Eventually, I sat him down on the bed and dropped about 6 tests in front of him – at last he cottoned on and I think he was even more shocked than me!

And that is where our journey to pregnancy ended and the rollercoaster ride to Rory’s arrival began!

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