No longer a Chicken

The title of this post might be a little misleading – it actually has nothing to do with chickens! However it is to do with me being incredibly proud of myself for not chickening out.

Today there was an Instagram mummy meet up in Birmingham, approximately 15 mummies headed to central Birmingham to meet in real life for the first time. Sounds amazing right? Not for someone who struggles massively with meeting new people and having the confidence to walk in to a room and just be me!

When the plans first started being discussed, I was really excited to finally get to meet some of the lovely mummies I have met through Instagram and of course to see their gorgeous little ones. However, as it got closer I started to panic and have a serious crisis of confidence. They were all so gorgeous and then there was me – who is both vertically AND horizontally challenged. At just over 5 ft tall and currently not far off as wide, I feel utter pants about myself and couldn’t imagine having the confidence to walk in to that room. I talked myself out of going numerous times and then convinced myself I was being stupid, I went round and round in circles over and over again!

After talking to some of the mums last night I realised that many of them were feeling exactly the same as me and were just as worried about it being awkward, about turning up alone and walking in to the room. I decided if they could be brave enough to do it, so could I! I was being ridiculous not turning up just because of my insecurities. I also knew just how annoyed I would be at myself when I saw photos and comments etc about the day if I hadn’t gone.

So this morning Rory and I got ourselves ready and raring to go, headed to the train station and set off for Birmingham. Once on the train there was no turning back and my nerves started to settle a little, even better when I arrived I met up with a couple of the ladies and their little ones before heading to the meeting place which meant I no longer had to walk in alone.

Luckily, all of the ladies were lovely, just as lovely as they seem on Instagram! Everyone chatted away about their little ones and about how strange it was seeing them in real life, talked about the joys of weaning and regularly grabbed crawlers who were making a getaway. After the initial few minutes, nerves disappeared and I realised that I can be myself and people are ok with that. No one cared that I’m currently the size of a whale and could probably still pass as being pregnant (yes I’m hanging my head in shame). Or at least I hope no one cared ha. I am genuinely really looking forward to seeing everyone again in the summer and seeing how everyone’s babies have grown and changed. I mean ask me again nearer the time and I’ll probably be a bag of nerves but I will definitely make myself go again!

So the point of this post really is nothing more than to blow my own trumpet for actually getting there today and to say try not to let your own insecurities hold you back, most of the time things you think are a big deal won’t even be noticed or matter and things will undoubtedly get built up in to a much bigger deal in your head!

2 thoughts on “No longer a Chicken

  1. I’m glad I’ve just read this. I saw that a few of you were meeting up, but I decided not to say anything, simply because I think I’m following most of the people on IG, yet nobody follows me, so thought you may just think I was some strange stalker woman, which sounds a bit ridiculous now I’ve just written it ha! But I just didn’t have the confidence to speak up! Hopefully I can join you all when you next meet as it would be great to meet everybody (and of course the little ones). Love your blog. Keep on writing. Nice to have something to relate to xx


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