Autism Awareness

Last night I was sat watching ‘The A Word’ on BBC1 and it got me thinking about autism awareness.

As a teacher I have got to know a few children at varying points of the autistic spectrum, all of them have been amazing children who have struggled with different aspects of life. I have always had an awareness of the impact being on the autistic spectrum has on a child; how they respond in the classroom, the effect it has on their relationships with other children and how they cope with classroom structure. But what I like about ‘The A Word’ is that rather than focussing on the child, it really delves in to the impact it can have on the family surrounding that child. It looks closely at how the parents cope when they receive a diagnosis and how it impacts on the wider family such as siblings. You can clearly see the range of feelings various members of the family go through as they tackle the diagnosis – shock, denial, confusion, desperation! It really made me think about how misunderstood autism can be, how hard it can be to deal with the reactions of others and how a family needs to adapt when they have a child on the autistic spectrum.

Coincidentally, at the same time as watching I happened to come across @nedintheclouds on Instagram. This lovely lady has a son named Ned who is on the autistic spectrum and she writes a fantastic blog about her and her family’s experiences since Ned’s diagnosis. I found it compelling reading and I genuinely couldn’t stop reading once I’d started. I really would highly recommend you heading over to her blog and taking a read to get a picture of living with autism. You can find her blog at

Not only does she write a blog but she is also running ‘AUT:CTION’ on Instagram – which is a fantastic auction with all proceeds donated to The National Autistic Society. The auction lots come from some of the most amazing of insta shops and there are so many people bidding on these items to make money for such an amazing cause!

Now unfortunately I am a little too broke to bid on any of the lots (the joys of SMP) however I was so excited to find a way that I can still donate a smaller amount and help to make a difference. The fantastic @young.double has created a Ned Doll which is available to purchase for the price of £15 and an AMAZING £10 of this price is donated to the National Autistic Society. Yes, you read that right 2/3rds of the total price goes to the charity, none of this £1 per purchase here!! So not only do you get a pretty awesome doll, which just so happens to be black and white for all you monochrome lovers out there, you also get to donate £10 to charity. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!!

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