Books, books, books

My name is Laura and I am addicted to buying books!

I can’t help it I just love books! Now I’m not just saying I like buying and enjoying the occasional book, I’m talking a slightly unnatural obsession. However not just any books, my biggest love is children’s books.

As a primary school teacher, I have always loved exploring different books and authors. I started building a collection of children’s books whilst completing my teacher training and this collection has just continued to expand. I just couldn’t resist purchasing a good quality children’s book at every opportunity!! It got to the point that my shelves in my classroom were full to bursting with a variety of fiction and non-fiction books suitable for the whole of the primary age range and whenever another teacher needed a book, my classroom would be the first port of call. I had so many, that when I came to finish for maternity leave and needed to empty my classroom I managed to fill at least 4 huge plastic containers with all my books and they are currently gathering dust out in the sheds on my parent’s farm! Sacrilege I know!

When I found out I was pregnant and started planning the nursery I knew straight away that a reading corner was a compulsory element and began to select all my favourite picture books to bring home to add to the corner. Before I knew it the book shelves were practically full and Rory was nowhere near arriving. At this point I tried to ease off on my book buying habits, but every time I found one that caught my attention or I’d never seen before I convinced myself it was vital that Rory had it in his nursery!

The other day whilst sat reading with Rory (when I say reading I mean me trying to read whilst Rory tries to turn the pages too soon and occasionally attempts to shove the book in his mouth) I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Now you might completely think my idea is a load of rubbish but humour me for now haha. I decided that what I’d really love to do is share this love for books with others. Specifically, I’d like to write a series of blog posts about the different books we read, what we thought of them, do author focuses and give some suggestions of lesser known authors to have a look at. The second lightbulb moment arrived shortly after and brought with it a name for this series of posts, it’s a goodun. Wait for it…… ‘Rory’s Stories’. I know, I know, pretty catchy.

So that’s what I’m going to try and do, amongst the other general parenting and rambling posts, I plan to start blogging about our reading journey. It might not work, it might be a complete flop, there might be no one interested in what I’ve got to say. But everything’s worth a try isn’t it!!

Give me a couple of days and I will hopefully be back to share our first ‘Rory’s Stories’ post with you.

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