Living with a grateful heart

I am a huge fan of @theseashack, if you haven’t already encountered them on Instagram or Facebook I would strongly recommend you go and have a nose through their feed! Whenever I am having a glass half empty day they are my first port of call. Not only do they always have a beautiful pastel feed filled with motivational little sayings but their photos and posts are always seasidey with a regular beach hut thrown in and there’s nothing that makes me happier than the seaside!!

The lovely lady that runs the page, Gemma, is an absolute trooper who juggles being a mummy to three children under 6 with running her business and still always manages to keep a positive outlook on life. Her Facebook posts in particular are always worth a read!!

A few weeks ago I saw a post Gemma put up about 10 things you are grateful for and it got me thinking. I am always incredibly grateful for the life I have, however it is all too easy to get bogged down in day to day life and in looking on to the next thing that you want in life that you forget to just stop and think about just how lucky you are in that very moment! This weekend I have had a lovely little break with my uni friends and as I sat in the sunshine whilst they played with Rory, I just felt so very lucky and so today my very short blog post is just a little list of 10 things I am grateful for.

10 things I am grateful for.

1) Rory and Keith
I will forever be grateful that our little man is happy and healthy and that against the odds Keith and I were able to have him without any intervention. The best planned surprise ever! Not only this but I will always be grateful that thanks to Keith’s constant hard work and understanding I have been able to take 10 full months of maternity leave with my little one.

2) The rest of my Family.
We are so lucky to have an amazing family support circle around us. Both mine and Keith’s family have been amazing since Rory arrived and I know they’d do anything they could to help us if we needed it. My mum is one of my best friends and has been an absolute rock through the toughest moments of motherhood. Even if it was just to answer those questions which just seem silly and that you don’t feel you can’t ask anyone else!

3) Our Apartment
I am so grateful that we own our apartment and know that we have our cosy little home to bring Rory up in. Sometimes it’s hard not to get stressed that we don’t have a house and to end up feeling envious of other’s houses, but actually right now we have everything we need here. Yes we don’t have a garden, but right on our doorstep we have parks, fantastic walks, national trust properties and my parent’s farm. What more could a little boy need!

4) Friendsimage
I’ve spoken about my friends in a post before so I won’t write much about this one, but I genuinely feel blessed every day to not only have been blessed with so many fantastic friends in my life but also that they all love Rory so much and make the effort to adapt to baby suitable plans and routines. Also, I’m so lucky to have friends who I can not see for weeks, sometimes months on end and it not feel like we’ve spent any time apart. I always think that’s one sign of a true friend when you can just fall straight back in to it.


5) Blue skies and sunshine
Might sound like a funny one but if I open the curtains in the morning and see sunshine I already feel 10x more positive about the day ahead. Doesn’t matter if it’s freezing cold as long as that blue sky is there!

6) Books
There is nothing I love more than burying my head in a book! I love getting so engrossed in a book that I forget about the world for a little bit. Quite often someone can be talking to me but I’m so involved in the book that I don’t even realise! Admittedly, I haven’t had the opportunity to get quite so involved in a book since Rory arrived but when I have, I have appreciated it even more!

7) Food
I love food! Anyone who has met me will know just how much I love food. My body shape is a definite giveaway of this. But I am forever grateful that I always have enough food and have choice over what I eat and when I eat it. I’m a particular fan of fruit and veg and most of the things that are bad for me, chocolate, cheese, potatoes (especially when the cheese and potatoes are combined!)

8) My Health
Now I know this one contradicts the one above as being the size of a whale is not overly healthy, but other than my weight and PCOS I am generally pretty healthy. I have no health issues that restrict me in living my day to day life and for that I am always grateful. I know there are so many people out there who have health problems and every day can be a struggle and I always try to stop and remind myself of this when I’m struggling with the odd ache or pain. My partner would most definitely say I don’t do this when I’m moaning about a cold or feeling sorry for myself, but it definitely doesn’t count when I’m just after a cuddle or a cup of tea (preferably both at regular points throughout the day!)

9) Music
Music has the ability to switch my mood in minutes, when I’m feeling completely rubbish the right music has the ability to make me feel 10 times better! I love so many different styles of music and I’m definitely one of those people who has a soundtrack to my life. One song can bring memories of uni flooding back to me, remind me of certain people or get me all emotional. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to have a lovely soundtrack of songs for Rory’s birth there are certain songs that immediately take me back to those first few weeks with him and make me tear up! Mainly songs which I would sing to him when we were on our own in that first week of hospital (don’t worry, I did have a private room – I wouldn’t subject anyone else to my singing voice!). So I suppose really this one is that I am grateful for music for its ability to bring back the best of memories and allow me to relive those moments all over again!

10) The Sea
Thought I’d pop this one in as number 10 as it links in to my little ramble at the beginning. There is nothing that makes me happier than a trip to the sea. I walk on to the beach and I physically feel my whole body relax and a wave of calm comes over me. We are so very lucky to have my Gran’s Chalet to visit whenever we need a getaway and we regularly make the most of it, I cannot wait for Rory to love the seaside just as much!


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