Mummy milestones

As Rory reaches one, I was thinking about some of the milestones he has reached over the year, such as sitting up, crawling, rolling and waving. I then started thinking about some of the milestones I had reached during this first year, some of which I knew were in the pipeline, others which were much more unexpected. Now, I never used milestone cards for Rory and instead used his monthly board to record some of his achievements, however I decided to write down a couple of the things I think would have cropped up on my alternative ‘parent milestone cards’.


I drank a cup of tea while it was still hot (this one is very rare)

I survived my first day alone with baby and we were both still alive by the end of it.

I managed to have a wee without a small child watching me

I survived my first day back at work

I managed to get my pre pregnancy jeans at least half way up my thigh.

I slept for longer than three hours in one go

I left the house in something other than jeans and converse

I made it through the day without sick/snot/dribble/food smeared over my clothes (delete as appropriate)

I have promised I am not going to spend much on first Christmas/birthday presents and then ended up buying EVERYTHING

I visited a cafe and asked for my usual and they knew exactly what I wanted

My mum bun was on point today

I fished a baby’s poo out of the bath

I cried just because my baby blew me a kiss for the first time

I made it out of the house before 9am without forgetting anything

I kept my child alive for a whole year!


Do any of these match up with yours? Or do you have any moments from the first year of parenthood which you think would have made it on to your milestone cards?

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