He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

So it’s only our first day away and already there is a very distinct difference between holidaying with a young baby and with a baby who is on the move.

Now I know Rory isn’t walking yet but he is crawling at speed, in to everything and cruising his way to anything he wants. He is no longer happy just sitting and playing with his toys, he now wants to know just how breakable that glass vase is and how tasty that wire or precious ornament might be. Despite doing some serious baby-proofing upon arrival and removing a variety of items from the small one’s reach; Rory has still managed to show us that nowhere is safe and that he will find a way to cause destruction. I mean who knew that attempting to tear pages out of your Great-Grandad’s book whilst trying to find where the lift the flaps are hidden, would be so entertaining.

Needless to say, this holiday will definitely not be such a chilled out relaxed one. Every moment that Rory is awake he is ready for action, prepared to strike the moment your guard is down, whether that be by attempting to climb the fireplace or by trying to eat spiders on the veranda. As a result, I am now carefully planning how to spend each day of our holiday to ensure that we are out and about and keeping his busy little mind entertained as much as humanly possible.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying his exploring is a bad thing, I love seeing him being inquisitive and I can’t wait to go on some adventures with him this week. However, I will say that, no matter how much I love spending time with him, when nap time comes, that half hour of baby free time is bliss. Pass me that cuppa!!

2 thoughts on “He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

  1. Laura, this is truly fantastic!! The way you describe life with a little one is totally real, you have true meaning of the word mummy. Well done! A seriously brilliant author in the making. Xxx


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