Who knew it started so early?

Today is a year since Rory’s due date. As it is rather than approaching his birthday, he is now nearly 13 months and believe me when I say the month since his birthday has been an interesting one. Something seemed to happen as Rory turned one which was a little unexpected. There were definitely signs of this creeping in during the birthday run up, but over the last few weeks he has developed fully in to a tantruming toddler. He now throws huge tantrums over the smallest things! Trust me when I say the angelic look in the photo is all an act and if this is what tantrums are like at 13 months I dread to think what he will be like when he hits the terrible twos! I’m sure there are many of you who knew that tantrums started this early but I would love to know where exactly my lovely, happy boy has gone and where this over emotional little man has appeared from!

In the last few weeks, he has thrown tantrums for the following reasons:

I wouldn’t let him wipe his nose on my leggings.

I wouldn’t let him climb up or open the oven, which was on at the time.

He couldn’t pick up the book that he was sitting on top of.

I wouldn’t let him shut his fingers in the wardrobe door.

He wasn’t allowed to eat chicken poo.

I took the phone of him when he managed to type in 999.

He took the remote and turned peppa pig off then regretted it.

He couldn’t lift the flap in his Dear Zoo book because he was leaning on it with his other hand.

I stopped him putting his hands in poo as I was changing his nappy.

He wasn’t allowed to put his fingers in the dog’s mouth.

I went to the toilet and didn’t take him with me.

I dared to enter his teepee.

I passed him the toy that was out of his reach when clearly he wanted to get it himself.

He threw his cup on the floor on purpose then decided he wanted a drink.

He didn’t want me to put an empty wrapper in the bin.

He couldn’t shut the bedroom door because he was sitting in the way.

I have my fingers crossed that he’s just going through a developmental leap and this isn’t a permanent thing as I’m not sure I can cope!


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