The Elephant in the Room

I need to address the elephant in the room.

My weight.

In fact who am I kidding, I am the blooming elephant in the room!

Now Rory is one, I feel I have no excuse whatsoever for carrying so much extra weight! I have talked quite openly in a previous post about how I lost 4 1/2 stone in order to get pregnant with my little bear. Well it’s official, I am back to my pre-weight loss weight, which is just so gutting. I’ve felt it happening, as those jeans got a little bit tighter and the tops became a little bit more uncomfortable and I know it’s all my own fault, I could have said no to that cake and the extra biscuit and I didn’t have to get that takeaway pizza, but I still find it hard to accept I have let myself go that much! I did try to start losing weight a couple of times during maternity leave but each time I managed two or three weeks before falling off the wagon big time and never quite managing to get back on it!

I think the thing I am finding hardest is not having a solid goal. Whereas last time my goal was losing enough to qualify for fertility help, this time my only goal is that I know I could currently be mistaken for a whale and that’s just not OK. My long term goal is to be able to keep up with Rory and not be that Mum who is too overweight and exhausted to run around the park and play with him, but in the short term I am going to the and keep myself motivated by thinking about all of the lovely Autumn/Winter clothes that I got when I lost weight last time, which are so so far from fitting now, and my goal is going to be to lose enough to fit in some of them by the time Winter arrives.

So now to do something about it! I have officially just been weighed and the diet starts tomorrow. I’m about to have my last supper before I start in the morning and I am going to savour every last bite of it! I’ve made the decision to share this on here in the hope that it keeps me on it as I’ve made a public declaration of my intention and I’m not great with people knowing I’ve failed. I plan to keep updating on here and on Instagram with my weight loss as I go along, which might not interest you at all but if it keeps me motivated then I’m all for it and you can just ignore the posts entirely!

Here’s to week one!

2 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. Im with you on this one. Im starting slimming world next week, Ive got a couple of stone to lose. I never bothered to try and lose weight after my first pregnancy there was never any point but now my youngest is nearly 6 weeks it’s time to shed some of this baby flab 🙂 Good luck in sticking with it.


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