My baby sleeps through the night…

A couple of weeks ago I would have said this was true but trust me when I say my confidence in this statement has come crashing down.

A full night of sleep is like the holy grail of motherhood. In those early days of motherhood, one of the first questions people always ask first is ‘How are they sleeping?’ and with time this question becomes ‘Are they sleeping through the night yet?’. God forbid you answer this with a no, as a barrage of advice and tips on how to get your baby to sleep through will soon follow, some of it from people who don’t even have children! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate advice when I’ve asked for it or from people in the same situation as me but when someone starts their sentence with ‘Well my mum’s friend’s sister-in-law’s second cousin once tried …..’ I can pretty much assure you I will switch off!

Luckily, Rory has always been reasonably good with his bedtime routine and with sleeping. He definitely hasn’t always slept through the night but in the last few months he has got in to an AMAZING habit of sleeping from around 7.30 until 7, maybe waking once or twice for his dummy and then dropping straight back off to sleep. I’m not going to lie I was feeling pretty jammy about this, but more fool me!

The last few nights, Rory has slept horrifically!! Its almost like we are back in newborn stage. Perhaps he has some sort of sixth sense and knows that I’m going back to work and need sleep now more than ever! I felt like a zombie at work today and have barely managed to make it to bed time without drifting off on the sofa.

I feel like I was lulled into a false sense of security with these long stretches of sleep and now for one reason or another Rory’s decided it’s time to put me in my place. Just to show me who’s boss! I’ve been trying to decide if there is a genuine reason for these disturbed nights and I think it might be teething that’s causing him such issues as he’s pretty dribbly at the moment too. I also did a check of my wonder weeks leaps and desperately googled 13 month sleep regression to see if it was a thing! From the search results it looks like it might well do so perhaps it’s a killer combination of all these things!

Whatever it is, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for it to pass soon and for our lovely long stretches of sleep to return so that I can start feeling more alive again. I love sleep too much to cope without it!

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