Two Weeks of Teaching

So I’ve officially survived the first two weeks back at school. Although I went back from maternity for half a term before the summer holidays, I always knew the holidays were on the horizon. This time, heading back to school seems much more real, not only because the nearest holiday seems like a long way off, but also because after a year group change I pretty much feel like I’m starting from scratch! I have moved from year 4 to year 6 and it’s a whole different world. On the evening of the second day back, I found myself sat on the iPad googling the maths I needed to teach the next day as it was so long since I’d covered the topic I needed to double check I was teaching it right!

Previously, I wrote a post about milestones I had reached as a Mummy during my first year, so I thought I’d write a post of my top ten achievements from my first 2 ‘proper’ weeks back to teaching after maternity leave!

1. I managed not to swear in front of any children (let’s be honest after 6 weeks of holiday all of us get close to letting a little one slip!)

2. I got to the end of the fortnight and still have at least one black marking pen left in my possession! I started with at least 10 but still.

3. I drank a hot cup of tea in the staff room.

4. Whilst drinking my tea, I actually had an uninterrupted conversation with other adults.

5. Even more impressive, I had a conversation that wasn’t about Rory.

6. I ate lunch without sharing it with a toddler.

7. I got called Mum by at least one child in my class and responded without even questioning it.

8. I picked my child up from nursery on time everyday and he wasn’t the last baby there (he was second to last but that’s still not last).

9. I managed to juggle my child, a nursery bag, bags of marking, a laptop and a shopping bag without dropping anything.

10. I survived a full school day on a ridiculously small amount of sleep, without even sneaking in a lunchtime nap.


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