Autism Awareness

Last night I was sat watching ‘The A Word’ on BBC1 and it got me thinking about autism awareness. As a teacher I have got to know a few children at varying points of the autistic spectrum, all of them have been amazing children who have struggled with different aspects of life. I have always … More Autism Awareness

No longer a Chicken

The title of this post might be a little misleading – it actually has nothing to do with chickens! However it is to do with me being incredibly proud of myself for not chickening out. Today there was an Instagram mummy meet up in Birmingham, approximately 15 mummies headed to central Birmingham to meet in … More No longer a Chicken

Giving Birth

I figure after telling you about our journey to pregnancy – the next logical story to tell is that of Rory’s birth. I won’t spare you any details, but I’ll try not to be too graphic! Rory decided to make his arrival unexpectedly at 36+5. I’d always assumed that I would end up going two … More Giving Birth