Two Weeks of Teaching

So I’ve officially survived the first two weeks back at school. Although I went back from maternity for half a term before the summer holidays, I always knew the holidays were on the horizon. This time, heading back to school seems much more real, not only because the nearest holiday seems like a long way … More Two Weeks of Teaching

He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

So it’s only our first day away and already there is a very distinct difference between holidaying with a young baby and with a baby who is on the move. Now I know Rory isn’t walking yet but he is crawling at speed, in to everything and cruising his way to anything he wants. He … More He’s climbing the fireplace… Holidaying with a one year old.

Mummy milestones

As Rory reaches one, I was thinking about some of the milestones he has reached over the year, such as sitting up, crawling, rolling and waving. I then started thinking about some of the milestones I had reached during this first year, some of which I knew were in the pipeline, others which were much … More Mummy milestones

Me Time

The title of this article is actually a little misleading as technically this weekend wasn’t me time, it was my friend’s time as I was on her hen do. However this is definitely the closest I have come to having me time in the last 11 months! Although I have left Rory with my mum … More Me Time

Oh June…

So I haven’t posted for over a month. It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write about, more that I had too much to say! It was by far the toughest month of motherhood so far; much harder than the ups and downs of a newborn baby and more draining than the worst of … More Oh June…

Who am I?

I’ve found myself asking this question a fair few times over the last few weeks and to be honest I’m really not sure I actually know the answer at the moment. Obviously, I’m a Mum to Rory and I know that that is one of the best roles I could ask for, one which I … More Who am I?